This list of the best & worst food chains will surprise you

While watching "Charlotte's Web" this weekend with my 9yo, it almost made me want to give up my bacon and stop squishing spiders.  Almost...

I'm not giving up my meat but I do make sure I get the best quality I can whenever possible.  

It's not just important for my family's health but also for you when trying to get pregnant.  Passive antibiotic exposure through your foods can compromise your immune system and disrupt hormonal regulation, much of which occurs with the help of the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

In fact, the gut is the body's largest hormone-producing organ, releasing more than 20 different hormones.

Why do they use antibiotics, you ask? 

In short, money.

Obviously they're used when animals are sick but also to accelerate animal growth and to prevent diseases due to  poor diets and crowded, stressful, and dirty conditions.

When antibiotics are given routinely to animals (human or livestock), bacteria can develop resistance, thrive, and even spread to our communities, contributing to the larger problem of antibiotic resistance—this means that antibiotics may not work when we need them the most.  This has become an epidemic because bacteria develop resistance far faster than we can make new antibiotics.  

It's impossible to eat antibiotic-free meats all the time but you can make better choices as to where you spend your money.  Check out the graphic to see how some of the biggest chains rank based on their use of, policies on, and transparency regarding antibiotics with Chipotle and Panera at the top of the food chain.  (I wonder how In-N-Out ranks.)


Source: National Resources Defense Council 

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