FDA is wrong about this fertility-disrupting chemical

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) released a statement last week stating that the results of an interim report support that bisphenol A (BPA) is safe for use in food containers and packaging.

Cough, cough - bullshyt!

As of 2014, nearly 100 epidemiological studies have been published tying BPA to health problems including issues with reproductive health, behavior and metabolism.

BPA is a mass-produced chemical commonly used to produce shatter-proof plastics and protective linings and coatings. As a result, BPA is found in just about any plastic product including your water bottle (you're trying to be healthy by not drinking tap water but don't realize the bottles aren't safe), plastic food containers (that you heat in the microwave increasing the release of plastic chemicals into your food), and in linings of canned food, including cans of infant formula.

BPA leaches out of these cans and plastics into food and drink and is then ingested by consumers.  In the human body, BPA mimics the hormone estrogen, which affects the endocrine system.  BPA has been associated with adverse effects in humans, including infertility, genital tract abnormalities, early puberty, breast cancer, an increase in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and alterations in brain function.  Because tiny amounts of estrogen trigger the development of numerous tissues in unborn children, exposure to low doses of BPA during critical windows of development can have lifelong impacts on health. 

Recent testing indicates that BPA exposure in the U.S. is extremely high; in one study 93% of more than 2500 urine samples tested positive for the chemical.

We live in a world flooded with plastic materials.  Limiting your exposure is one way to easily improve your fertility.

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