Hot guy or nice guy?

I've recently read 2 stories about plus size women married to hot, ripped men.  The premise of the articles was how the heck did these women score their men?  The answer was body-positive "he loves me for who I am."  Cool.  Universe - can you send me someone like that my way?  Pretty please, with a cherry on top.

For the most part though, people tend to couple up with others long-term who are on similar levels of physical attractiveness.  

However, when dating, we sometimes will have opportunities to date someone insanely hot.  You know, the one who's completely out of our league, looks-wise.  Of course, when you date them long enough, you realize why they're still single.  Don't ask me how I know.  :p

These people are distractions on the dating journey to add a little excitement.  Nothing wrong with that.  Cuz dating can be tedious, frustrating, and seemingly hopeless when you're looking for the "one".

But, often, the guy women end up marrying is usually not the most objectively attractive.  Rather, he's the one who provides emotional safety through the consistency of his actions, the integrity of following through on his word, and his selflessness when he puts your needs before his own.  When you hit that jackpot in a guy combined with the ever so elusive chemistry, you've got your man.  That's why nice guys DO eventually win in the end.    

So, in the fertility world...

The "hot" guys are the modern fertility treatments like IVF.  They provide the thrill of instant gratification.  Sometimes they work out but more often than not, they don't.  ESPECIALLY for women over 40 or someone diagnosed with poor egg quality or low ovarian reserve.

The "nice" guys are the consistent, daily actions you take to improve your health - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  On the surface, nothing sexy at all.  In fact, they will completely UNDERwhelm you in how ordinary they are.  And that's why hardly anyone ever talks about them.  Cuz they're not attention-grabbing enough for the media.  But they're what provides the foundation for a healthy baby.

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Julie Chang,
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