Will you trust me like my 13yo does?

I told my 13yo my future plans for her yesterday.  It wasn't anything new but I had refined it a bit more in the past few days so thought I would share with her.  I'm thoughtful like that.

You see, I'm a long-term planner.  Given what I know about her, my own experiences, and where I see the world going, I'm doing my best to provide her with a loose structure that will set her up for success.  As a mother, I want her to have the tools and skills to lead an extraordinary life - whatever that means to her.  Whether or not it will pan out the way I plan it, doesn't really matter.  At least there's a path for her to follow and she can adjust along the way.

Since many mothers read my emails and I'm gonna get asked, here's my plan...

  1. While she's in high school, we will start working on her developing an online business to pay for her post-high school travels (see #4 below) and so she can get experience in starting her own business.
  2. Continue her martial arts in high school so I don't have to worry about her trotting the globe.  (She's eligible this year for her black belt since she's been studying martial arts since 5yo!)
  3. Last year in high school do a foreign exchange program in Denmark.
  4. Take at least 1 gap year to travel.  (Thanks to her dad, she will get her Danish citizenship.  With a 2 year residency, she receives a free college education AND stipend in Denmark.)
  5. The length of her travel will be determined by how much income she can generate on her own.  Cuz mama ain't footing the bill.
  6. Once she figures out what she wants to focus on, she'll get her college degree.
  7. Continue working on her business this entire time so she can create a lifestyle career.  

The best part?  She's totally game with my 10 year plan for her.  Cuz she trusts that I have her best interests and I'm taking into account her personal needs and desires.  I've proven that over and over again throughout the years.  There might have been initial resistance but she always realizes why I do what I do.  

And so I bring that same "forest from the trees" perspective to my fertility clients.  Yes, they're often not happy with what I have to say.  Most notably, "it takes time, patience, and consistency".  But those who put their skepticism aside and put their faith in me (for which I'm very humbled) and follow my lead, often get the results they're seeking...a healthy, happy baby.

I've already set out the structure for improving your fertility starting from day 1.  It starts here...http://zenfertility.com/top10

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