Not getting enough of this decreases fertility...

My kids hate that their bedtimes are so early, especially as compared to others.  Their friends exclaim in horror how terrible that is and pour on the sympathy.  Cuz that really helps!

On school nights, lights out at 8pm for my 9yo and 9pm for the 13yo (unless she has homework to finish).  That means 11 hours of shuteye for the younger one and 10 hours for the older.

I confess...

The early bedtimes started when they were babies so mama could get some rest.  I just never adjusted them much as they got older cuz they're such good sleepers.  AND sleeping keeps them off their electronic devices.  Score! :)

But mama bear's instincts were right. 

Experts at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reviewed more than 864 articles in 2016 on sleep and health in children and adolescents. They came to a consensus that for every 24 hours, children 6-12yo should sleep 9-12 hours, and teens 13-18yo ages should sleep 8-10 hours. 

Not getting enough sleep increased their risk for health issues such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression, attention and behavior problems, and poor academic performance.  In teens, risky behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse, car crashes, and suicide attempts increased with less sleep.  

The problem is that very few kids are getting what they need.  A study by the CDC published recently found that almost 60% of middle school-aged kids and a whopping 73% of high school-aged kids are not getting enough zzz's.

As adults, we know intuitively that kids need a lot of sleep cuz of the incredible growth rate they're going through. 

However, we underestimate how much we ourselves need.  Most adults need 8-9 hours of actual, good quality sleep.  Plenty of people can get away with less but that's cuz we adapt to it.  Doesn't mean it's good for your health, including your fertility. 

Sleep is essential for regulating your hormones and clearing your body of the daily junk that builds up and contributes to poor egg quality.

Chronic sleep deprivation WILL decrease your chances of getting pregnant.  I get into that in my Fertility Top10 and offer a number of very effective solutions to improve your sleep for fertility -

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