Frankenstein at the gym

I was at the gym yesterday and saw a woman, probably a little younger than me.  Can't tell with those Asians. ;) If I were able to custom order a body, hers would be it.  Sculpted, lean, and fit.  For a brief moment, I fantasized about chopping off her head and stitching mine on top of her perfect body - a la Frankenstein.  Then my leg cramped and the fantasy ended.  

Then there are times when I look at the mirror and think "Dayam, I'm da bomb AND a bag of chips."

That sure messes with the mind to go from one extreme of feeling inadequate to feeling like I'm Miss Universe. 

You probably experience the same feelings of inadequacy when someone shares their pregnancy, especially if she's a close friend.

The question is how do you handle those feelings, brush them off, move on, and get back to your happy groove? 

Women are biologically wired to be emotional creatures.  Yes, men complain about our mercurial moods but that's what makes us different otherwise it would be a bromance fest. 

A balanced woman can experience the kaleidoscope of emotions without letting the extremes pull her (and the people around her) apart.  Having the awareness of what you're feeling is the first step.  Too often, we get swept away by the tidal wave of emotion because it comes so unexpectedly.  Developing the recognition of what's happening AS it's affecting you allows you to catch yourself and redirect it. 

In my case, I looked at the woman and told myself what I'm doing is good enough.  I work out 3 times a week with yoga and weights.  Other days, I bike so my dog can get his run in.  I eat healthy 80% of the time (80/20 rule!).  I'm fit, healthy, and strong. 

In your case as you navigate your fertility journey, it may be a matter of saying "I'm happy for her (and really meaning it).  I'm working to get where she is.  It's just as possible for me as it is for her."  So take your supplements, get your sleep, eat right, exercise - do better to feel better.  If you take care of your physical body, it's a given that your emotional health will improve right along with it.

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