The inconvenient truth of these time savers

I recently read about the discovery of a massive collection of plastic waste in the South Pacific that's up to a MILLION square miles!  

Plastics - the convenience can't be denied. 

But the destruction of our environment is devastating.  Not only our external environment but our bodies as well.

A study of over 10,000 people released last Friday found that those who ate at restaurants, cafeterias, and fast-food chains were more likely to have higher levels of a chemical known to harm fertility called phthalates in their body than those who didn’t.  

For example, among teens, one of the largest groups to eat a LOT of fast food, had 55% higher levels compared to those who only consumed food at home.  Cafeteria food showed 64% higher levels in adults. Particular foods, especially sandwiches (including cheeseburgers), were associated with increased phthalate levels only if they were purchased away from home.

How did phthalates end up in the food?  They are likely to have leached into it from packaging or from equipment during the processing of the food, 
Phthalates (also known as “plasticizers”) are a group of chemicals used to make plastics more flexible and harder to break.  They are well-known to decrease fertility in both women and men.  In fact, a survey of over 30,000 women showed that higher levels of these types of chemicals was associated with menopause 1.9 to 3.8 years earlier than women who had lower levels. 


If you've been diagnosed with poor egg quality, low ovarian reserve, low AMH, or high FSH, you most definitely want to be careful about these chemicals that will fast track you to early menopause.

The solution?  Eat fresh unprocessed food prepared at home.  Your reproductive system and eggs will thank you.

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