Your Man Needs to Weightlift - Here's Why...

I go to my gym for their kick-butt (literally) workout classes.  Although not restricted to women, very few men are in there. 

Which is stooopid.  Cuz if you're a single man - duuuude, that's where all the hot women are.  It's so easy to chat up a woman when you've seen each other a few times.  Ask me how I know. ;)  But since single men don't read my emails, they don't know where their holy grail might be. 

Sorry, I digress...

Men are usually hanging around the weights section - grunting, admiring their muscles, puffing up their chest, peacocking.  It's actually interesting people watching.

In terms of fertility for men though, weight training is very beneficial. 

 A recent study showed 4 weeks of strength training resulted in a 40% boost in testosterone and a -24% drop in cortisol.

Cortisol is the stress hormone.  So if weight training can reduce stress, how great is that?

As you already know, testosterone is important for men's plumbing, notably sex drive and normal sperm production.  So if your man has any issues with poor sperm quality like decreased count, motility, or normal morphology, show him this email and tell him I prescribe weight training 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week.

AND reap the benefits of a more ripped man.

You're welcome. :)

Who woulda thought weight training as fertility treatment?  Probably not you until now.  If you want more unconventional but very effective fertility guidance, one of my services may help put you on a more focused path:

Julie Chang,
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