To be or not to be...that's the question

This weekend, I saw my girls do something that they probably have done many times before but for some reason, it really hit me.  I think it was cuz I saw them doing it at the same time in their respective rooms.

As each was playing a video game on their computer, they had their phone playing a Youtube video that was completely unrelated to the game.  

I went into a mommy tizzy and told them to turn off one of their devices so they were only doing one thing.  

It totally freaked me out cuz I know how multitasking can train their brains to want more and more stimulation.  To the point where they can't be without noise and silence.  If they're not careful, they will need constant multiple inputs of stimulation to feel like productive human beings.  As adults, that can translate to addiction to drugs (street and legal), sugar, alcohol, smoking, and whatever else is out there to create artificial comfort and excitement because they haven't learned to self-soothe.  Ok, maybe I was overreacting just a teensy bit.

But I see this often in my female fertility clients.  The need to constantly be doing something.  If they stop moving, they feel guilty because they're not doing enough.  

In a masculine society where action and "doing" are encouraged, the feminine qualities of "being" and patience are ignored and even demonized. 

In answer to the question I get daily "What can I do to get pregnant?", my answer is usually "What can you STOP doing so you can get in touch with being a woman?"  Cuz usually they're doing way too much for their body to handle.

Just as the egg is the one that's hanging out waiting for the sperm to chase her down, the fertile woman is one who can embrace nothingness.  In consciously creating an open space without constant distraction, the spark of a new life has a much better chance to grow.

So stop doing so much!  That means not killing yourself with work while being everything to everyone.  Love yourself enough to know and respect your limits.

Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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