How not to get lost in Spock's mind meld

When others go to church, I go to the movie theaters.  So I took my girls to see "Pacific Rim Uprising" Easter morning.  Great special effects with ugly aliens fighting shiny robots.  That's my kind of bling!  Not for most people but right up my and my 13yo's alley.

In order to battle huge, dinosaur-like aliens, humans created robots.  The robots are so massive they need 2 people to control them, one for each side.  These pilots need to do a mind meld, sorta like Spock so they can coordinate the right and left sides of the robot .  The risk is that a pilot can get lost in his/her memories when in this neural merge with their co-pilot, lose grip of the present, and therefore the robot.  That can be disastrous cuz the robot is loaded with suped up weaponry.

That got me thinking about how letting go of the past is so important when you're trying to get pregnant.  

That difficulty in letting things go...
I see it when women blame themselves for having waited so long to get pregnant.
I see it when partners blame each other for having waited so long to get pregnant.
I see it when your partner is on a business trip just as you're ovulating.
I see it when each tampon you use takes a slice out of your dream to be a mother.

There is no easy way to wave a magic wand and say "just let it be".  But that's really what you have to do. 

Learn to cultivate emotional detachment and accept these events as part of your process.  The emotional charge you give them determines how they are handled.  If you can look at them from a standpoint of what can you learn, this then becomes an expansive process of growth and curiosity to improve your fertility rather than a contractive one of fear and blame so you can say you tried everything (but didn't stick with it long enough for it to work). 

You choose.

Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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