This is why I can't sit...

My dog pulled me off my bike.  Again.

Three days later, my right butt still hurts.  

I wasn't paying close enough attention.  So he stopped in the middle of his tracks to poop on the street.  Unfortunately, I was still moving forward when he suddenly anchored himself so down I went.

We usually ride together harmoniously.  I bike while he runs next to me.  But since he's non-verbal when it comes to his excretory functions in public, I have to go slow enough to watch his cues.

You know who else is sometimes non-verbal about his needs? 

Your significant other. 

Usually you're humming along, everything's smooth.  Then maybe something happened at work and he's in a pissy mood.  

At those times, slow down and give him the breathing room to work it out on his own.  

Men are natural problem solvers.   That's their hard wiring.

But women, in their desire to help their partner, can jump in too quickly.  Often, that can be construed as not trusting him and his abilities.  Rather, wait for him to ask for help.

You have plenty to think of when improving your overall health so that you can get pregnant.  For starters, stuff like eating right, exercising, and managing your time so you get enough sleep.  Those are what will help you get pregnant even in your 40s, even if you've been diagnosed with poor egg quality or diminished ovarian reserve.

Focus on yourself so your man can do the same for himself.

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