Being your best isn't good enough

Melania Trump's "Be Best" campaign unveiled last week made me rethink how I use the word "best".  People were comparing it to Michelle Obama's "Be Better" slogan (which I wasn't aware of until now).

To my kids, clients, and myself, I've always said "do your best".  

Then I realized I've been sending mixed messages.  In some of my previous emails, I talk about doing 1% better every day to get healthier.  Making tiny, almost unnoticeable, improvements to create momentum on your fertility journey.  That's at odds with being your best.

But being your best is an unrealistic goal on a daily basis.  Sure, when you're first starting on the whole getting pregnant thing,  you're all in.  Then a few months later, you're like "why isn't anything happening?".  A few years down the road, you're often too tired emotionally or physically.  You can't sustain the energy needed to be "best" all the time.  So you end up feeling defeated cuz your best hasn't been good enough.

Let go of being your best.  

Rather, it's about you living the way you want to.  Achieving YOUR dreams.  Having a healthy baby despite being over 40yo, having poor egg quality, low AMH, high FSH, diminished ovarian reserve, failed IVF cycles, recurrent pregnancy losses.  

Changing your life to allow for a pregnancy is a daily practice.

In order to do that you don't have to be your best.  You just have to be better.

And that's very achievable cuz you can always do a teensy bit better, like 1% better.  Stop looking for magic pills to solve your problems.  It doesn't exist when it comes to improving your egg quality.  Real, lasting change comes from consistent small daily acts.

So instead of "do your best" or "be best", do better. 

My Fertility Top10 is all about making small changes to create a strong foundation for a healthy pregnancy no matter how old you are:

Julie Chang,
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