How to think like a clean toilet bowl

I just cleaned my toilet bowl.  Squirted the blue liquid under the rim, let it sit for 15 minutes, and scrubbed it.  

I usually have someone come in to do a top-to-bottom cleaning.  But she hasn't been in for awhile.  Last time was when I wanted to impress a guy.  Don't know when I'll need to put on another dog and pony show so in the meantime I gotta take care of the cleaning myself here and there. ;)

I'll never do as good of a job as her.  Hate it too much to be thorough.  

My time is precious and I don't want to waste it cleaning my home.  Plus, the negative energy associated with cleaning is no bueno for my positivity vibe. 

Kudos to those who enjoy it and actually find it therapeutic.  Color me impressed.  

I feel like I've gotten to the point in my life where I can recognize what drains me and what fuels me. 

Whatever doesn't make me happy has got to go so I have more time, energy, and moolah for the stuff that makes me feel like a newly scrubbed, shiny toilet bowl.  Refreshed and ready for what's to come.   

I still have my fair share of challenges (so tuck that middle finger back in if you think it's all roses for me) but it sure makes it a lot easier to meet them if I'm not being pulled this way and that by doing stuff I hate.

The key is to outsource.  

Identify what you don't like to do and assign it to someone else.  Sometimes you'll have to pay for that, like my cleaning lady.  Or give it to your significant other who may not mind so much.  You know, the "honey-do list".  

  • Hire a handyman to make those small repairs that irritate you every time you see them.  
  • Hire a food prep service if you want to eat healthier but don't have the time to shop and prep.
  • Hire a personal trainer to get you off your bum. 
  • Go to a group workout class with fit people cuz there's no better motivation than wanting to be like them (if you're not there) to make you work harder.  And if you're anything like me, which I'm pretty sure most of you are, you are competitive as hell.  So use that to your advantage.  Been going to my yoga class for 2 years now and it was intimidating when I first started out.  But now, the teacher calls me one of her elites.

Life's too short to get bogged down in junk you don't want to do, in regrets and "I should's".  Cuz you know what, it can change in a split second.  

And you know exactly how short life is cuz you're dealing with the fertility time clock.  Maybe you're trying to get pregnant in your 40s, been diagnosed with poor egg quality, low AMH, low ovarian reserve.  Probably had more than your fair share of unsuccessful IVF or inseminations.  And might have been devastated with at least one miscarriage. 

More so than anyone else, you have limited time, so you've gotta focus on what's gonna keep you moving forward and staying positive.  All the other negative shit has to go.  (Tried to keep the cussing out but dayam, it slipped in.)  

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