Do detox supplements help fertility?

A client asked for my opinion on a fertility detox supplement she saw.  Thought I'd answer it here since I get this question often.

To start with, a cleanse and detox are pretty much the same thing.  They're typically used interchangeably.  The goal is to remove "harmful" things from your body. 

Our body is quite adept at detoxing naturally.  We have numerous systems that expel toxins through various routes...

  • skin - the more you're a hot sweaty mess, the more you're detoxing (if you need to use this as a reason for getting your partner to have more luvin' between the sheets, go for it - you're welcome - "Honey, I drank too much.  I need to detox.  Can you help me out?")
  • cardiovascular system - toxins from the tissues are pumped out through the blood
  • respiratory system - keep your stanky breath to yourself cuz it's full of carbon dioxide and toxins
  • liver - bile or pee (contrary to what people might think, the liver is not the only detoxing organ)
  • spleen - white blood cells kill the bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens looking to take over
  • lymphatic system - a giant drainage system for the body that needs to stay clear for it to work properly. 
  • kidneys - pee (if found in a Russian hotel, probably not for detoxing purposes)
  • colon - poop (self-explanatory, don't you think?)

So taking a detox supplement isn't gonna do a whole lot for the entire system.  They tend to focus on one organ.

Rather, the healthiest and most effective cleanses are the ones that encourage clean eating, hydration, exercise, sleep, and minimizing environmental exposure. 

Cuz if you continue to abuse your body and expect detox supplements to neutralize the chemicals toxic to your fertility, you're fighting an uphill battle. 

First and foremost, reduce your exposure to toxins so your body has a realistic chance to keep up and eventually get ahead enough that you can get pregnant.

The Fertility Top10 teaches you what to eat and do to encourage your body's natural detox systems to function at their best so your egg and sperm quality can improve... even if you're diagnosed with poor egg quality or being over 40yo.  Let your fingers fly here:

Julie Chang,
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