Don't whine about wine when TTC. Here's what to do...

I pontificated about detoxing in yesterday's email.

Let me fall from grace today and direct you straight to the source of many evils.


Actually, wine specifically.

You already know that when you're trying to get pregnant, you should be avoiding any and all alcohol.  But sometimes a girl's gotta let loose.  So the occasional drink when out socializing is fine.  Just don't make it a habit as your daily wind-down routine.

Like with any other food, there's a hierarchy of crap to meh to good enough to best.  (Even something as simple as water needs to be evaluated when you're trying to reach optimal health for fertility.)

Conventional wines have:

  • high alcohol levels
  • sugar
  • chemicals and additives
  • fungicides
  • mold toxins
  • phthalates

Generally, American wines will be more contaminated since the U.S govt is so loosy goosy with regulations about labeling.  European wines have stricter standards so tend to be better quality.

Find a wine that's low to no sugar and free of additives.  Dry Farm Wines seems to be one highly recommended.

Although my knowledge of wine is pretty much limited to this email, I CAN teach you the many ways to improve your nutrition and lifestyle so you have a much better chance of getting pregnant.  Check out the Fertility Top10 Program:


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