The Iron Wo-Man of Fertility

My kids and I loved "Avengers: Infinity War" so much we'll see it again this weekend. 

They did an awesome job of weaving such a huge cast of superstars into a seamless movie.  The problem with having so many major characters is that there usually isn't enough character development to care about them.  They were able to work around this by fleshing out the villain and giving extra screen time to some of the characters.

It reminded me of how our hormones are like the Avengers.  A huge cast of characters with some heavy hitters.  The Avengers wouldn't be the same without Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America.

Your reproductive system relies on many hormones working together for one all-mighty create a healthy baby.

One of the most important hormones is progesterone.  Just like an Avengers movie isn't worth watching without Robert Downey, Jr. playing Iron Man (my fave character), you can't have a baby without adequate levels of progesterone at the right times.

That's cuz progesterone is the hormone that prepares the body for pregnancy.  Once pregnant, it maintains the pregnancy in the first trimester before placental hormone production takes over.

Studies have shown that low levels of progesterone may prevent pregnancy or lead to miscarriage. 

It's important to know the threshold levels to ensure that you're making enough progesterone to get pregnant and stay pregnant.  In fact, one study that came out only a few months ago showed exactly what that magic number should be.  Your doctors probably don't even know what this minimum amount is.

I cover this topic in my Fertility Top10 here:

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