Death is a morbid subject. So let's talk about it!

The first time I saw a dead body was at 16yo.

One of the most profound experiences as a kid was when I did a summer science program at Stanford University.  Open to low-income and underrepresented minority high school sophomores and juniors in Northern and Central California, it's still around.  I highly recommend it if you wanna share with your friends and family.  

It was my first time living away from my parents for a month.  The freedom!  But that's another story...

Part of the program was to learn anatomy on actual cadavers.  Didn't really dig that part but got through it well enough.

So you know what happens when you drop dead?

A few hours after death, the joints of the body stiffen and become locked in place - a process called rigor mortis. This is due to calcium flooding into the cells causing the muscles to contract.  Normally, since you're still breathing and reading this, your cells are making energy in the form of ATP to pump that calcium back out of the cells so that your muscles can relax.  Kinda like how a bouncer (ATP) needs to stand guard and let just enough people (calcium) in to make a club look hip but throw out the rejects who aren't dressed properly or too drunk (excess calcium). 


Since you're still alive, calcium's good.  But here we fall into a trap of "more is better" with eating processed foods, many fortified with calcium, and calcium supplements, including antacids.  And then, on top of THAT, not getting enough magnesium which is found in leafy greens. 

Cuz calcium doesn't work by itself. 

It needs magnesium to prevent too much calcium from entering the cell,  To put it another way, a higher calcium to magnesium ratio encourages a magnesium deficiency.

Why's magnesium important? 

Well, that's a Pandora's box in and of itself.  But one of its most important roles in fertility is that it's critical for energy production in the form of ATP. 

In fact, most people don't know this little fact...even most doctors. 

The activated form of ATP is bound to magnesium.  See the problem?  Not enough magnesium means not enough active ATP to juice up your eggs for fertilization and division from 1 cell to grow an entire human being.  That requires a LOT of energy!! 

Not enough energy in the form of active ATP?  Well, this leads to issues like poor egg quality, low AMH, low ovarian reserve, multiple failed IVF and/or insemination cycles, irregular cycles, recurrent miscarriages.

So all that to advise you to eat your leafy greens.

I wonder if telling my kids about rigor mortis will get them to eat more spinach, kale, and chard?  Hmmm...

A big component of what I teach in my Fertility Top10 is how to optimize energy production in your eggs and sperm. Check it out here:


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