Don't be a chicken of the sea

To get my kids to eat more seafood, I'm gonna start bribing them with desserts.  Not sure how that'll work out but it's worth a shot to get them to eat salmon regularly. 

The fats in fish are essential for their growing brains.  I wanna live off my kids sooner than later!

I also eat salmon regularly to protect my brain cells from mental decline - that doesn't seem to be working ;).


These same fats are essential for optimal fertility when you're trying to get pregnant. 

They improve egg quality and reduce inflammation, especially important for women with premature ovarian failure, endometriosis, and PCOS - conditions linked to chronic inflammation.

A new study that came out last week has suggested eating more seafood may actually help couples get pregnant.

92% of the couples who consumed seafood more than twice a week, were able to conceive by the end of a year, as compared to 79% of the couples who ate less than two portions of seafood every week.  

Note that BOTH partners ate seafood, not just the women.  Ahem...

In my Fertility Top10, I talk about which fish are best to eat for fertility and to reduce mercury toxicity.  Swim here:

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