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If we think of everything we have to do, we feel overwhelmed. If we do the one thing we need to do, we make progress. - Simon Sinek

I had a discussion with a fertility client this week about starting her own business.  She's digging my lifestyle where I work mainly from home and see clients in the clinic 2 days a week. 

Like me, she wants the flexibility now that she has a young'un.  She's back for #2.  She's a repeat customer cuz we were a winning combo for child #1. :) 

I looove talking about starting a business.  Most people have plenty of ideas.  That's never the problem.  You know what they don't have? 

Action.  Follow-through.  

They think about what kind of business they want.  They do the research.  Maybe buy some online courses.  They spend all this time learning, learning, learning.  

But they never pull the trigger. 

You know why?

They project too far into the future and let their fears paralyze them. They think about what business structure (incorporate or not?), website (what platform, what it should look like), logo (design, colors), business cards (get free ones to start with, where to order) - all the stuff that don't matter until you actually have a bonafide, legit business selling something, anything. 

It's called "analysis paralysis" and this disease has killed many a budding entrepeneur's dream before it even gets off the ground.  It's a cancer that eats away at your confidence.

I see the exact same paralysis when talking to potential fertility clients.  They put up so many barriers that they never even start. 

"I hate taking supplements." - Who likes taking them?
"I'm too busy." - But not too busy to spend hours in front of a tv at night watching mindless shows or reading your FB feed.
"I can't afford it." - Let me see your car and purse and we'll talk. 
"I know everything about health living & nutrition." - Really?  You're stayng updated on all the research that comes out daily?  Because I can't and I live/eat/breathe this stuff.  In fact, I learned something new last week about a topic as basic as water hydration.
"I've tried everything." - uh no, you haven't
"I'm too tired." - It's a vicious cycle.  Motivation often comes AFTER you get started.  You think I like going to the gym?  No, I don't.  But I like the rewards after I'm done.

You can overanalyze every choice and action until you talk yourself out of it. 

Or you can decide to give something a try, if it will improve your chances of getting pregnant.  Or improving your egg and sperm quality so that a diagnosis or poor egg quality, low AMH, high FSH, low ovarian reserve doesn't matter.  Or getting you healthier so you can drop the extra weight that might be causing your irregular periods and disrupting your hormonal balance.

There are no guarantees. 

There never are when it's related to health. 

Or really anything, I guess.  

But that's why faith is so important.  Faith in yourself that you're smart enough, resilient enough, to weather the difficulties and keep taking one step at a time even when you're discouraged.  

Our character is shaped by the challenges we face.  Not by the easy moments.  No, the happy times are our rewards for overcoming the tough times. 

In a world where you have every piece of knowledge at your disposal via the internet (remember when you actually needed to go to the library and look up encyclopedias?!?), it is overwhelming.

You don't know where to start.

If you've been trying to get pregnant for years but feel stuck, just start with doing something, anything that will improve your health.  Then keep doing it until it becomes routine.  At that point, do something else.

Stack your life so that you can't help but fall forward into a warm pool of "what did I do to deserve this awesomeness?"

Cuz the other choice is to stay stuck.

You're either moving forward or backward.  No such thing as staying still cuz that's not within the laws of nature.  

So what's your one thing you have to do today to improve your fertility?

If you're not sure, my Fertility Top10 was created for someone like you.  

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