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Large, well designed, unbiased studies are the lifeblood of my approach to improving fertility naturally. 

They often validate what has been known for thousands of years in holistic medical systems such as Chinese medicine.  Like the fact that fertility is not purely determined by age.  Rather, it's influenced by your environment.

They provide insight into how the body works to disprove tired, useless dogma.  The most blatantly faulty one being that poor egg quality can't be improved.  Most people in the medical community (including MDs) haven't caught on to this.  But that's ok cuz that's why you're here - for critical info that you can't get from your docs.

Some studies cover basic science - useful for refining my theories and it's up to me to figure out how to apply them to fertility enhancement. 

Other times, I come across a study that is directly applicable to my clients where I can just say "do this".  Those are usually the fun ones because they can be acted on instantly.  

One study I came across recently is a fun one with a big fat bow wrapped around it.  

It studied the use of a specific technique that resulted in a 21% pregnancy rate in “severely infertile” females, with a substantial number of these achieving live births.  

The first study had only 74 patients who had been trying to get pregnant for an average of over 9 years! This group labeled as non responders & poor responders had an unexpected 21.7% success rate (16 of 74) and 68% live birth rate (11 of 16) with this technique for fertility.  

Because of the impressive results, the study was later extended to include a total of 701 women with severe infertility (26 – 52 yr, average age 39.34yr). They had been infertile for an average of 4.12 yrs during which they had received 8.43 ART (IVF and/or insemination) sessions.  In total, the pregnancy success rate was 22.3% (156 of 701) and a live birth rate of 50.1% (79 of 156). These results are 4 fold higher than women not using this fertility technique.  

The conclusion by the study's author was that this technique "is a pain-free and side effect free modality which could give hope to the increasing numbers of older females with infertility."

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