Stating the obvious as a reminder...

Yesterday was World Anti-Smoking Day which is recognized every year on May 31. 

Oops.  I missed the boat on that but better late than never.

You already know how bad smoking is to your health.  And definitely to your fertility.  No if, and, or but about it.

You wanna get pregnant.  Don't be a human chimney.  The more you smoke, the greater the harm.

Damage like...

  • lower ovarian reserve
  • lower antral follicle count
  • higher FSH  

Men don't get a pass on this either.  They show...

  • lower sperm count
  • lower motility
  • higher abnormal shapes

Kicking the habit isn't easy.  If you've tried unsuccessfully on your own in the past, get professional help.  Many people had success with acupuncture or hynotherapy to stop smoking.  

Start the weekend with a renewed effort to get healthier.

Cigarette smoke is an obvious poison to your egg and sperm health.  But there are many more environmental toxins that damage your fertility. 

In my Fertility Top10, I talk about what they are and what to do about them.  For more on the program, get lit here:

Julie Chang,

Natural Fertility Eggspurt

The Real Deal:

  • Natural Fertility Coach
  • Licensed Fertility Acupuncturist for 19 years
  • Master in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Magna Cum Laude
  • B.S. Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, UCLA

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