Fertility Tip #10 - Chart your own path


The last of my top 10 Fertility Do's and Don'ts...

Fertility tip #10 - Chart your own path.

Your situation is unique to you and your partner. 

You know that already. 


As your peers announce their pregnancies, reassure yourself that it'll be you one day instead of feeling like getting pregnant is an exclusive members-only club that you've been barred from.  

You may be the last of your group to get pregnant but it's not about who gets there first. 

It's about reaching your goal and this is a very personal path. 

One that you have to map out yourself with your doctors and other health care providers as your guides.  

It requires you to stay light on your feet and pivot when you hit obstacles. 

On the flip side, ignore the stories of women who have given up or are allowing desperation to guide them. 

"People who have let go of their dreams are sometimes eager to help you bury your own." - Anonymous

Bless them and let them go.

Your journey is 100% of your making. 

Do you choose one of hope, love, worthiness, and abundance?  Or one of doubt, anxiety, fear, self-loathing, and scarcity? 

That choice determines your outcome. 

If you choose the former, keep your eyes ahead and on the road.  Otherwise, you default to the latter by focusing on the rearview mirror of your past.  

Walk your fertility journey with courage so that you can look back at the decisions you made or didn't make without regret.  

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