Escaping the choking grip of this affliction

My big goal for the summer?  Declutter.

With 2 kids and my own business, I have a lot of stuff and papers I don't need or want.  It's not an exciting prospect like going on a big trip but it'll be worth it so I don't get that twinge of "I gotta get rid of that" every time I see a pile of useless crap.

I'll clean out my house, car, office, purse, wallet.  Everything I can think of.  

Consider doing the same.

All the unnecessary things you're hanging on to take space - physical and emotional. 

In a house full of stuff, there's no room for a baby.  

Just as checking social media is external noise that serves no purpose other than sucking up your valuable time and making you feel bad about yourself cuz everyone else's life is glorious in that one snapshot in time, physical clutter takes the space that can otherwise allow what you truly want to enter into your life.

In your case, a baby.

Let go of what you don't need so what you do can finally arrive.

Woo, woo bs?  Yeah, probably to some of you. 

But consider this...

Life is energy.  Our relationships with others is an exchange of that unseen force. 

Therefore your potential baby's life is energy. 

The ebb and flow of energy is like a river.  It goes where there's space. 

So make the space.

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