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In yesterday's email, I talked about finding a local acupuncturist.

You can stop reading here if you live in San Diego.  Yours truly is at your disposal.  :)

But if you can't roll into my crib, how do you find one near you? 

Many have asked me this question so here's what I would do...

Google "fertility acupuncture (your zip code or city)" or use Yelp.  

From there, look at the websites. 

Call your top 2-3 choices.   

Don't set an appointment until you've talked with the practitioner to get a sense of whether or not you like her/him.  Most acupuncture offices are one person operations so you shouldn't have any problem getting through.

You can ask about her education.  Personally, I don't think schools matter too much since they only provide us with a starting foundation.  Our expertise is shaped from our clinical experience, interests, and continuing education after we leave school (as with all other professions).  But if that makes you feel better, ask away.

Acupuncturists from China tend to have more experience but the language may be an issue which is why you want to hear if you can understand them on the phone.  Another potential issue is that their needle technique may be a little sensational (cough, cough) unless they've toned it down for a Western audience.

The style of acupuncture isn't important.  They're only as effective as the practitioner's skill.  

You're looking more for experience - how long they've been practicing and how much of their practice is fertility.  

Ideally, someone with more fertility experience.  But that's not always an option depending on the size of your city.  

So, if a generalist is all you can get, that's better than nothing.  

The goal of acupuncture, at its most basic level, is to improve circulation to the ovaries and uterus, reduce stress, and regulate hormones.  A generalist can do that just fine.

You'll get a sense of how well you like them from your phone conversation.  Since it's a long-term relationship you'll have at a frequency of 1-2 times a week, it's important that you resonate with them and look forward to your treatments.  

What it boils down to is whether you feel the acupuncturist is experienced and if her/his energy will support you on your journey.  

If not, find someone else who you feel more comfortable with.  After all, it's your money.

Hope that helps!

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All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac
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