Stop kidding yourself...

It's funny (not really) how we develop such blind spots to ourselves.

You think nothing of working overtime for your boss.  Or attend ongoing education classes on your own time.  You may grumble but you do it.  Maybe to help you climb up the corporate ladder, out of obligation, or simply fear of losing your job.

You go to school for an additional 4+ years for your graduate degree to further your career and create more opportunities.

You extend almost limitless kindness and compassion to a child knowing that her crying is a result of something gone awry.  You twist yourself into a pretzel trying to figure out if she's hungry, tired, hot, or uncomfortable. 

You know that to get certain results requires extraordinary patience, commitment, time, energy, and sometimes money.  That doing the same thing won't get you new results.  

And yet, time and again, women expect different pregnancy test results coming from the same habits.

They may do IVFs or inseminations but they haven't made any significant changes to their lifestyles to increase the chance of success with these techniques.  

If they're trying to get pregnant naturally, they keep waiting month after month for a different result but have made minimal changes in their nutrition and beyond.

Success is the result of investing in yourself.  Being a tiny bit better every day.  Using yesterday's self as your control.

The situation you're in may or may not be from your own creation.  It doesn't matter how you got here.

What DOES matter is what path you choose to take.

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All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac
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