Entitled, privileged hens come at a cost

When I had the house with the white picket fence, I thought about raising my own chickens.  How cool to have fresh eggs every day!  Then I realized that I would need 6-8 hens to provide the daily supply necessary for my family.  No thanks.  Dream busted.  Back to the grocery store.

But raising chickens is becoming more popular in large cities.  

There's a growing industry to feed this niche of urban backyard chickens.

  • Contractors to build coops.  Deck them out with solar panels, automated doors, and video security systems will add another zero or 2 to the price tag. 
  • Specialized vets to keep hens healthy
  • "Chicken whisperers" to advise newbies on how to keep the mama peckers happy and comfortable
  • Luxury day care for chickens when owners are traveling

You don't need to go so far as to raise them yourself.

Your local natural foods store or farmers' market is just fine.

As a fertility food, eggs should be top of your list as a primo protein source. 

Chicken meat - no.

But eggs - YES!!

So go to town with eating your eggs.  They're so easy to cook and have as a quick snack.

To find out my recommendations on what kind of eggs and how best to prepare them, all that is in my Fertility Top10... http://zenfertility.com/top10

All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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