Fold 9 times or wash your hands

My friend told me that to avoid contact with the germs from wiping your butt, you have to fold toilet paper over 9 times.  

This very helpful tidbit was given while I'm eating my dinner at a really nice seafood restaurant.  Was that vomit coming up my throat?  Thanks, D!

I thought about that as I was picking up my dog's poop this morning.  

I realized not only do I literally pick up my dog's waste and throw it away, I do it figuratively with my fertility clients.

We all have bs rolling in our heads that we need a pooper scooper to clean that up.  I made the connection that I do that for my clients. 

I am their guardian of emotional excrement.  My job is to replace it with the sweet potpourri of hope. 

At least, I try anyway.

The worse possible thing you can do while you're trying to get pregnant is think that it won't work.  You're sabotaging yourself.  Cuz all you're doing is going through the motions.

You do that out of self-preservation, to protect yourself from disappointment every month.  

But if you do one thing but think another way, who's gonna win?  The more powerful emotion which is usually the doubt and fear of failure. 

Hope is fragile and easily destroyed by the ghosts of our past.   

Hope must be protected.  Nurture it.  Grow it.  

You can only do that with conscious awareness.  

Like avoiding a cop on the freeway holding that radar gun, looking for speedsters.  

You can avoid them by constantly scanning your surroundings.  

Constantly be aware of your negative thoughts.  Replace them instantly with a mental middle finger and one of faith that you CAN have a baby.

Would you rather live your life with doubts and fears?  Or hope and possibility?  

That choice is yours, 24/7.

I'm gonna go fold some toilet paper now.

If you want me to be your pooper scooper as I'm happy to do that, check out my GPS (Get Pregnant and Stay pregnant) Fertility Program here...

All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac
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