A serial killer's dilemma...

One of my all-time favorite shows is Dexter. 

His blood thirst could only be quenched with murder.  So he targeted criminals.  An "ethical" serial killer, if you will.  

Working for the police department, he knew how to cover his tracks.  Cuz he knew it was wrong, according to societal norms.

But try as hard as he could to lead a "normal" life with a regular job and girlfriend, he couldn't overcome the urge. 

The writers and actor were skilled enough to make you sympathize with Dexter.  

Just as he was deeply conflicted about his need to kill, you might also have a hard time accepting the need to eat meat when trying to conceive. 

I talk with lots of women on the vegan to vegetarian scale.  Some very strict.  Others a little more loosey goosey about it.

Some do it for religious, ethical, and/or environmental reasons.  I respect the ideology so will leave it at that.

However, if they claim it's for health reasons, especially when trying to get pregnant, I'm gonna have to put my foot down on that and squash that misconception like a bug.  

Here are some quickie reasons why meat is far superior to vegetables and grains...

  • More nutrients - Isn't the fact that vegans and vegetarians MUST supplement to make up for known nutrient deficiencies proof right there that we are designed to have some animal consumption?  I recommend supplements, even to meat eaters, as back up, not as necessity.
  • Nutrients are more bioavailable - People look at a chart of how much vitamins and nutrients are in veggies and grains but don't consider that most are poorly absorbed compared to the meat source.  As an example, up to 35% of the iron you eat from meat is absorbed because it's the form that we can use called heme iron.  Compare that to a measly 2% of non-heme iron from cooked spinach.  It's probably even less in raw spinach which is how most people eat it.  Consider how much spinach you would need to eat to get the same amount in just a few ounces of red meat.  And consider the high needs for iron that women have since you lose blood every month and once you're pregnant those needs go up even more.  
  • Zero carbohydrates - Your body can burn either carbs or fat for fuel.  Carbs are easier to burn since it requires less energy.  To burn fat, you need to train your body (I teach you how to do that with my GPS Fertility Program).  As a fuel source, carbs are "dirty" fuel in that when burned it creates more toxic compounds as a byproduct, damaging the eggs and sperm.  Vegan/vegetarian diets are predominantly carbohydrates and sugars with the high consumption of grains, veggies, and fruits.

Here's something you probably never thought of as well...

Those studies that "prove" reducing red meat is healthier? 

Umm, you know the population they're studying?  WHITE, MIDDLE-AGED MEN  

Let that sink in...

  • NOT women of reproductive age
  • NOT pregnant women
  • NOT children

There are zero studies (that I know of) to support a meatless diet for pregnant women or children.  Eh - it would be unethical so it's not gonna happen unless it's an observational study.  

I know of zero professional health practictioners that promote a meatless diet during pregnancy or for children. 

And if it ain't good enough when you're pregnant, it sure ain't good enough when you're trying to get pregnant.


Make your own decisions for yourself and your family.

But the illusion that it's healthier for you is wrong.  There may be exceptions - there always are.

As a general rule though, if you're going to be successful in getting pregnant ESPECIALLY if you are trying to improve egg quality, lower your AMH, decrease your FSH, or reduce the risk of miscarriage, you need meat.  

Enough said about this...

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All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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