Your "happily ever after" needs this skill

My 9 yo and I are watching "Once Upon a Time" together for our movie nights.  

It's a great TV series where Snow White's evil stepmother curses all the fairy tale characters into the modern world so they can no longer have their happily ever afters.

One of the main characters, Rumpelstiltskin, has powerful magic.  He makes deals in exchange for future favors.  The desperate victims often don't know what they're giving up until he calls in the favor and that's where the trouble comes in.  

His strength is in making these deals.  But it's also his weakness.

It's a double edged sword.  His love for making deals can be his undoing cuz that's how he can be manipulated.

We all have strengths.  These strengths can sometimes become our weaknesses though.

As intelligent, ambitious, and hard-working women, you're used to getting what you want.

But now you're stuck.  You've been trying unsuccessfully for years to have a baby. 

You've done the fertility tests, the medicated cycles, improved your lifestyle. 


It's at this time when you're most challenged that you have to put aside what you think you know. 

Look at the world with the curiosity of a child.  With the openness of a beginner learning something new.  With the excitement of opening up a gift and the anticipation of what's to be revealed.

This is a skill to develop.  Because our inherent biases can block us from new information.  We don't like change or to be wrong.

When you do this, a whole new universe opens up.  And your world becomes rife with possibility.  I promise.

"When we are closed to ideas, what we hear is criticism. When we are open to criticism, what we get is advice." - Simon Sinek

And this advice might be the key to improving your fertility enough to have a healthy baby.  Despite what your doctors say.  Despite your diagnosis of poor egg quality, low AMH, high FSH, "being too old", failed IVF cycles, and/or recurrent miscarriages.

This advice is packaged up in my Fertility Top10...

All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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