One flew over the vulture's nest

Fascinating (at least to me) random trivia...

Why don't vultures have feathers on their heads and necks?

The predominant theory is that since they feed off dead animals, being bald keeps them relatively clean as they stick their head inside carcasses to scavenge.  

Not sure if that's been proven but it sounds legit.

What HAS been proven is that their baldness helps them regulate their temperature.

By changing their posture to expose more or less of the bare skin on their heads and necks, vultures can control their heat loss.  So they'll hunch into their body in the cold to conserve heat and spread out to cool down when hot.

 One notable part of the the male anatomy is very sensitive to temperature.  No need to name it, is there?

Some ways it can get overheated and affect sperm production are:

  • sauna use 
  • synthetic clothing that don't breathe - switch to cotton
  • working in a hot climate - such as a kitchen
  • laptop on, well, your lap
  • obesity (men also get more fat in their ah-hems which trap heat)
  • tight clothing - leave the skinny jeans to the women

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