Men, I can't keep my hands off your undies!

My tomboy girls sometimes snidely comment "You're dressed up" when they see me wearing a dress.

There's actually a very practical reason when it's hot as Hades out.  I get a lot more air circulation than wearing shorts.  Material for summer dresses tend to be lighter as well which is a bonus.

So shove it, girls!

Keeping cool is important for guys as well.  I actually talked about it last week.

But lo and behold, a study JUST came out to confirm what I was saying.  

Published last Wednesday, researchers found that men who wore boxers had a 25% higher concentration of sperm and 17% higher sperm count than those who favored other underwear styles. 

646 men were asked to choose from the following options: boxers, jockeys, bikini, briefs, and “other.” 

As a chick, I'm wondering...

  • Isn't jockey just a brand?
  • Do American guys REALLY wear briefs? I think that would scar me to see a beach full of briefs.  Thank goodness for board shorts!

As a clinician, I'm putting boxer briefs into the "briefs" category, in case you're wondering. 

They should have added "none aka going commando" as another choice cuz theoretically that's the best option, no?

I would have been happy to give my professional input in this study. ;)

If going shopping, organic cotton or silk are best since they're natural fibers that'll keep him cooler than he already is.

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All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac
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