Are you too manly to get pregnant?

As my daughters get older, I've taken particular interest in how our society defines gender roles.  

That, in turn, has influenced how I help women on their fertility journeys.

We live in a masculine world where traits such as power, competition, and productivity are valued.

These characteristics are essential in the workplace for job security and advancement.

However, women have let those ideals into their personal lives where they feel the need to be busy all the time.  

Often, she experiences guilt for slowing down or doing nothing.  

However, it's in the calm quiet that a woman can access the power of her femininity.  Without it, she can't be patient, loving, kind, and nurturing.

All qualities of a mother.  

If you want to be a mother, start by cultivating the traits necessary to become one.  

It's in becoming your full potential will you be able to really have a chance of overcoming seemingly insurmountable issues like poor egg quality, low ovarian reserve, repeated failed IVF cycles, and/or recurrent miscarriage.

Often it's not physical age that's blocking you but rather your inability to tap into the creativity that's inherent in every woman.

One simple (although not always easy) way to regain your power is to leave work where it work.  Don't you think 8+ hours/day is enough to give to someone else?

You must have time to be you.  Wife. Mother (if you're already one).  Daughter. Sister.  Friend.  

To be a multidimensional being.

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All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac
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