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Have you ever noticed that middle-aged Asian women are often covered up from head to toe?  Even in the middle of summer?

It's cuz they want to keep their skin as light as possible.  Lily white skin is the beauty standard of many Asian cultures. 

Historically, it was an indication of a person's status.  The rich could stay indoors since they were wealthy enough to hire people to work in the fields.

This esthetic ideal continues today with a booming industry of whitening creams targeted to Asians.

It comes at a cost though.

Being covered up all the time prevents production of a very important hormone that's critical to fertility and pregnancy.

Vitamin D

In fact, a 2017 review of 11 studies involving 2,700 women using IVF looked at the relationship between vitamin D levels and birth rates.  Live birth rates were one third higher in women with adequate vitamin D levels compared to those with vitamin D deficiency.

Because 80% of the vitamin D your body makes is from sunlight and the remaining 20% comes from diet and supplements, the best way to increase Vit D levels is to be in the sun.  

Since that isn't always practical, supplementation has become very popular.

In my Fertility Top10, I share what optimal Vitamin D levels are and how to supplement to reach those levels more quickly...

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Julie Chang, L.Ac
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