Modern technology's inconvenient truth on fertility

One of the dumbest movies I've ever seen was a Sharknado film.  It was riveting in a weird way cuz it was so asinine.

Head has become a cult favorite and spawned 6 films to the series.

Poor sharks.  They get such a bad rap in movies.  Eh - I understand why...every few months I come across a news story about someone attacked by a shark.

But they're incredible creatures with extraordinary senses. 

One of which is their ability to sense very weak electrical and magnetic fields.

They have special organs in their heads to help them hunt by sensing the electrical stimuli created by their prey. For example, the hammerhead shark sweeps its wide head across the seafloor like a metal detector to find buried stingrays.

They can also use the Earth's magnetic field to help them navigate.

All living things have electrical and magnetic fields.  Including humans.

The electricity produced in your cells is what allows the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain.  

That's why a person whose heart has stopped can sometimes be revived with an electric shock using a machine called a defibrillator.

Since you're hopefully not anywhere close to that stage, part of being healthy is to protect your electromagnetic field from man-made sources.

Here are some things you can do to preserve your health, your eggs, and his sperm:  

  • Laptops do NOT belong on your lap.  Have a hard surface under it.
  • Don't stand in front of the microwave.
  • Keep your phone off your body, including your ears. 
  • Use a wired earphone or headset, not wireless.
  • Turn wifi off at night. 

If you're in your late 30s or 40s, you've had more time for the cumulative effect of using these convenient modern contraptions to damage your fertility.  The more "old school" you can be with technology, the better for your reproductive health.

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All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac
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