IVF Myth #2

Yesterday, I talked about one of the big myths of IVF.  

IVF's success rate.  And how inflated it can be.   

Today let's talk about the other factor that many aren't aware of.  


It's kinda like dating :)

You're looking for the right fertility doctor (or guy).

They give you their pitch (he asks you out).

Based on your research (or past dating experience), you decide if you want to stick around or find someone else.

You're confident about who you choose.  Hopeful for the outcome you want.

Everything's great for you and your guy in the bubble of the honeymoon phase.

With the doc, you get your fertility testing done.  Some of it's covered by insurance.  The cost isn't too bad yet.  So far so good.

Then you start having disagreements with your man.  Hmm - is he worth it?  This might be the fork in the road of your relationship.

With your fertility doctor, the test results come in and you sit down for a treatment plan. 

Due to your age, you're probably fast-tracked to IVF, skipping inseminations altogether. 

At this point, the actual cost may be greater than what you expected.

The initial costs for IVF can be a bit of a sticker shock, if you're not prepared.  

Because those prices are just that...initial - a baseline. 

They must go up. 

Factors that contribute to the cost include:

  • How much meds you'll need which you won't know until you actually start an IVF cycle.  Typically, the older you are, the more meds they're gonna give you which means more money. 
  • Additional "optional" tests and procedures costing hundred, or even thousands of dollars
  • Package pricing...Most women need to do several IVF cycles before it's successful.  It's rare for it to work the first time around, especially if you're older.  For that reason, many women buy packages as back up.

It can end up being about $25,000 per IVF cycle.  (That's just a very rough average.)

Most of that will be out of pocket.  

If you and your bank account are't prepared for the cost, it's gonna be a shock.

Be realistic about what you can afford. 

Do your due diligence.

IVF or natural conception...increase your likelihood of success by improving your overall health, not just your fertility.

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All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac
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