What's a working gal to do when TTC?

Today's Labor Day in the U.S - a holiday to celebrate working people. 

It's the unofficial end of summer.  And with that comes the unwritten rule of no more white clothes until next May when Memorial Day comes round again.   

One theory as to how this rather arbitrary fashion decree was born is that it signified a woman was part of the wealthy class.  Presumably because she could afford to buy lighter clothing during warmer months.  

Whether that's true or not, who really cares?

What you probably DO care about is how your fertility journey can be incredibly expensive.  

The "haves" have all sorts of fertility treatments at their disposable.  Endless IVFs, donor eggs, surrogates.  

The "have nots" don't. 

And everyone in between who can do some medicated cycles...up to a limit. 

Regardless of where you fall in that financial spectrum, what can you do to improve your chances of getting pregnant?

Here are some things you can do that are free...

  • sleep 8-9 hours every night, 7 days a week
  • meditate
  • control your negative emotions and thoughts 
  • drink enough water, preferably filtered
  • exercise
  • stop smoking, recreational drugs, drinking, sugar
  • strive to be at your optimal weight for your build

You probably already know this. 

But how much of it are you actually doing?

Just doing those things alone can boost your fertility immensely.  

Even if you're in your 40s, been diagnosed with poor egg quality, low ovarian, low AMH, high FSH, or had multiple pregnancy losses, or failed medicated cycles.

These are the basics.  For some, the fundamentals are enough.

For others, more is needed.  And that's where I can help with personal coaching.  But more on that soon when I'm done working out the details of my online fertility program.  So don't go anywhere...

All my best,

Julie Chang, L.Ac.
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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