5 Day Weight Loss Fertility Challenge - OPEN NOW!

Are you ready for the 5 Day Weight Loss Fertility Challenge?!?

Turbocharge your body with a quick and easy reboot to officially close out the summer and kick off the Fall season.  There's nothing like starting fresh with something different - new beginnings resets the mind and the body.

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What you need to know about OVULATION - day 1

I'm in a geek out mode so let's talk about ovulation and some of the common misunderstandings around this oh-so critical moment in your cycle.

This will be a series since there are several points to cover and it's almost lunchtime.  Talking about eggs makes me hungry. :)

Numero uno...

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Keeping your eye on the prize...

I recently asked a good friend why she thought I was struggling in the dating department while many of my other single friends were happily hooked up.  

Her reply was something to the effect of..."you COULD be in a relationship but you're choosing to go for the right man.  Since no one has risen to the occasion, you're still looking."

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McDonald's can help your fertility

Did you hear that McDonald's is offering one U.S. fan a lifetime of free McDonald’s? 

The winner gets a 24-karat gold phone case engraved with his/her name.

That treasure gives the owner a lifetime pass to free McDonald’s: 2 meals up to $7 a week for at least 50 years.

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Are you too manly to get pregnant?

As my daughters get older, I've taken particular interest in how our society defines gender roles.  

That, in turn, has influenced how I help women on their fertility journeys.

We live in a masculine world where traits such as power, competition, and productivity are valued.

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Men, I can't keep my hands off your undies!

My tomboy girls sometimes snidely comment "You're dressed up" when they see me wearing a dress.

There's actually a very practical reason when it's hot as Hades out.  I get a lot more air circulation than wearing shorts.  Material for summer dresses tend to be lighter as well which is a bonus.

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One flew over the vulture's nest

Fascinating (at least to me) random trivia...

Why don't vultures have feathers on their heads and necks?

The predominant theory is that since they feed off dead animals, being bald keeps them relatively clean as they stick their head inside carcasses to scavenge.

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