5 Day Weight Loss Fertility Challenge - OPEN NOW!

Are you ready for the 5 Day Weight Loss Fertility Challenge?!?

Turbocharge your body with a quick and easy reboot to officially close out the summer and kick off the Fall season.  There's nothing like starting fresh with something different - new beginnings resets the mind and the body.

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What you need to know about OVULATION - day 1

I'm in a geek out mode so let's talk about ovulation and some of the common misunderstandings around this oh-so critical moment in your cycle.

This will be a series since there are several points to cover and it's almost lunchtime.  Talking about eggs makes me hungry. :)

Numero uno...

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Keeping your eye on the prize...

I recently asked a good friend why she thought I was struggling in the dating department while many of my other single friends were happily hooked up.  

Her reply was something to the effect of..."you COULD be in a relationship but you're choosing to go for the right man.  Since no one has risen to the occasion, you're still looking."

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