Overcoming Male Factor Infertility

In almost half of all couples having difficulty getting pregnant, the male partner is a contributing factor. Whether trying to conceive naturally or using conventional fertility treatments such as IVF with ICSI, improving sperm quality is important to increasing the success of any cycle.  See how our clients achieved success with acupuncture. 



Our couple highlighted in this video overcame several medical issues including male factor infertility with the help of fertility acupuncture.

"We were struggling with male factor infertility for about two years. After reading about the positive effects of acupuncture on infertility, we started going to Zen Fertility Center for treatments in parallel with seeking conventional treatment. Three months after the acupuncture treatments, we saw significant improvements in the lab results. That same month we got pregnant! We are very grateful to Zen Fertility Center for helping us achieve pregnancy. Our acupuncturist's caring personality and knowledge in chinese medicine and acupuncture did make a difference." - L&M, San Diego, CA


San Diego fertility acupuncture success with male factor infertility
"My husband and I tried for a child for almost a year with no luck. After meeting with our acupuncturist, we learned my cycles were very long and irregular. In addition, my husband was found to have mild male factor. My husband and I started to receive weekly treatments and herbs and within a few months, we were pregnant. Once pregnant, I received acupuncture to relieve symptoms of morning sick  ness and also to strengthen my body to precent miscarriage. At 36 weeks, I returned to ZFC for more acupuncture to prepare my body and cervix for labor. At 40 weeks, I went into labor and was able to deliver naturally without pain medication. Now we have a beautiful son at home. Thank you ZFC for giving us our son and our bodies what was needed to have a natural pregnancy and childbirth!" - N.M., San Diego, CA
"After years of trying to get pregnant naturally without success, my husband and I went to see a fertility specialist.  Based on our age (I was 40 at the time, my husband 47) and our diagnosis – diminished ovarian reserve/premature ovarian failure (AMH 0.7) and mild male factor infertility (decreased motility, volume, morphology) - our doctor cautioned us about our chances of getting pregnant.  We were told that, given my age we would have a much better chance, using donor eggs. Not ready to take this step – we decided to give it a try using my own eggs.  After one failed IUI and one IVF that ended in an early miscarriage, I had a hard time dealing with the emotional stress of going through the treatments, then getting pregnant only to lose the pregnancy again, but at the same time I felt that at the very least I could get pregnant, and that there was room for improvement. I started looking into additional options that could increase our chances.  At one of our doctor visits, acupuncture was mentioned as a way of reducing stress during fertility treatments.
Talking to Zen Fertility Center and reading about the positive effects of acupuncture on infertility, I decided to give it a try. I started treatments which helped with the emotional stress,  and it also made me realize that I could strengthen my body, improve hormone levels, increase blood circulation to my uterus, and that I actually had a chance of improving my egg quality.  Before starting another cycle of fertility treatments I saw Heidi for about 6 weeks - twice a week for acupuncture treatment. I also added their fertility smoothie and DHA supplement to my diet.  After 6 weeks we tried for another IVF cycle, which had to be converted into an IUI, because of having only 3 mature eggs. Given the even lesser chance of getting pregnant through an IUI, we were surprised when we found out that I was pregnant again. Only to be devastated again by another early miscarriage.
My acupuncturist made me feel that it was not all hopeless and that with patience and further acupuncture treatment (they recommend 3 months min. before trying fertility treatments) I would have a better chance of getting pregnant and staying pregnant.  And she was right! After 3.5 months we tried again for an IVF cycle, which also had to be converted again into an IUI due to the fact that I was a “bad responder” to the fertility drugs. This time I had 4 mature eggs only. The bad news came with some good news about the lab results for my husband. Sperm motility went up from 45% to 75%(normal) after adding the fertility smoothie and other supplements to his diet. And I felt that even though I only had 4 mature eggs and doing IUI only, my chances had increased.  Two long weeks later we got the good news that I was pregnant again!  And I believe it was with the help of acupuncture and the supplements my husband and I took, that from the beginning everything seemed to look better. HCG was increasing at the right rate. Early ultrasounds were normal.  After years of struggling with infertility we finally were pregnant!
I continued with the treatments throughout my whole pregnancy - at the beginning to help prevent miscarriage, later on in dealing with all of those pregnancy related symptoms and side effects, and now in preparing my body for labor and delivery. 
I feel that acupuncture, the expertise, advice and support we got, made ALL the difference for us to being able to have a child!  I am 38 weeks now, waiting for our miracle to arrive! My husband and I are very grateful to everybody at ZEN FERTILITY CENTER!" - A+M San Diego, CA