Zen Fertility Center Launches Weekly Podcast Featuring Fertility Experts

San Diego, CA – Zen Fertility Center has launched a weekly podcast series featuring experts from various fields related to fertility, including reproductive endocrinology, psychology, nonprofit foundations, community advocates and individuals who have experienced infertility firsthand. The goals of this podcast series are to raise awareness about infertility, share helpful tips to improve fertility, and enhance treatments, as well as provide an opportunity for those in the infertility community to hear directly from experts.

“This Valentine’s Day, the last thing a couple wants to hear, or talk about, is infertility,” said Julie Chang, owner and founder of Zen Fertility Center. “Unfortunately, 1 in 8 couples face fertility challenges and it can be devastating when they realize their dreams for building a family may be delayed or hindered. This podcast will hopefully let those facing fertility challenges know they are not alone and provide them important information and the encouragement to face whatever lies ahead.”

Chang, a fertility expert herself with fifteen years experience practicing acupuncture that addresses fertility issues from a holistic perspective, handpicks and interviews each guest for the 20-minute podcast. The line-up of podcasts guests are selected to highlight the many elements of the infertility community. For example, a recent podcast featured Pamela Hirsch, one of the owners of the educational test prep company The Princeton Review and founder of Baby Quest Foundation, a non-profit charity formed to grant financial assistance to those who cannot afford fertility treatments. This podcast addresses the real concern of financial pressures related to fertility issues.

Recent podcasts highlight the personal journey of Fran Meadows, author of the memoir “The Truth Behind the Secret Infertility,” as she conceived her son with the help of invitro-fertilization and Dr.
Arlene Morales, M.D - founder of Fertility Specialists Medical Group.  A nationally recognized as a leader in Reproductive Endocrinology and Bioethics, Dr. Morales speaks about treating multifaceted infertility issues and provides helpful tips for listeners.

Podcasts and additional information on the guests can be viewed on Zen Fertility Center’s website at http://zenfertility.com/blog/ or you can download the podcast on iTunes. Tune in weekly for the new podcast or follow Zen on Twitter (@ZenFertility). To schedule an acupuncture treatment appointment with Julie Chang, please call (858) 495-0771.

About Zen Fertility Center:
Since opening their doors in 2000, Zen Fertility Center has helped hundreds of women and their eager partners find their best path to pregnancy at the time in their lives that's right for them. Specializing in helping women and men over 35 years of age conceive by improving egg and sperm quality, Zen Fertility Center believes acupuncture can help with natural conception, IVF, and insemination by blending Western and Chinese Medicine disciplines and continuing education to ensure their patients have all the accurate and current information they need to make informed decisions about their fertility care. For more information, please visit http://zenfertility.com/.