Menstrual and Ovulatory Irregularities

Any disruptions in a menstrual cycle or ovulation can hinder your chances of getting pregnant.  Whether due to prolonged chemical birth control use or unexplained, menstrual or ovulatory irregularities can be regulated with acupuncture.

San Diego fertility acupuncture success after irregular menstrual cycles
After going off birth control to start trying to conceive, I found that my menstrual cycles became irregular. I waited months, hoping that my body would readjust on its own since I had no history of irregularity prior to going on birth control. Finally, I decided to research a natural method of helping my body. After making an appointment with Zen Fertility Center, I felt very excited and hopeful. When I met my acupuncturist, my favorable impression continued to grow. She was thorough, knowledgeable and clearly invested in wanting to help me meet my goals. I immediately began a regiment of weekly acupuncture treatment in conjunction with herbal supplementation. Within a few months, my menstrual cycles were regular again and my husband and I were able to conceive very quickly. - DW, Sun City, CA


San Diego fertility acupuncture success despite irregular cycles
"My husband and I tried for a child for almost a year with no luck. After meeting with our acupuncturist at ZFC, we learned my cycles were very long and irregular. In addition, my husband was found to have mild male factor. My husband and I started to receive weekly treatments and herbs and within a few months, we were pregnant. Once pregnant, I received acupuncture to relieve symptoms of morning sick  ness and also to strengthen my body to precent miscarriage. At 36 weeks, I returned to ZFC for more acupuncture to prepare my body and cervix for labor. At 40 weeks, I went into labor and was able to deliver naturally without pain medication. Now we have a beautiful son at home. Thank you for giving us our son and our bodies what was needed to have a natural pregnancy and childbirth!" - N.M., San Diego, CA
San Diego fertility acupuncture success after 5 months with no menses
"I went off of birth control to try to start a family and when after 5 months I still had not had a menstrual cycle, I went to Zen Fertility Center (for acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine). After 5 weeks of starting treatment, I not only regained my cycle, I also was able to conceive and now we are expecting our first child. My acupuncture treatment is very individualized and my acupuncturist put a lot of time and effort into listening to me and finding a treatment specific to my unique needs. Without her attentiveness to my own individual body chemistry and needs, I don't think we would have been this successful so soon. I am so thankful I was able to become pregnant naturally and without the pain, time and cost of infertility drugs and 'traditional' medicine." - V.R., San Diego

"After going off birth control, I still wasn’t pregnant after a year. My husband and I went to our doctors, had tests done, and I found out I didn’t seem to be ovulating. I spent several months on assorted drugs to promote ovulation and menstruation. I was also experiencing some unpleasant side effects due to the medication. My doctor finally told me he had no real diagnosis for me. He recommended me to the infertility specialist, and asked me to consider next steps such as IUI as well as continuing with medication to regulate my cycles. I wasn’t sure about taking these next steps, so I decided to think it over for a few months. A friend who was also dealing with infertility suggested that I try Zen Fertility Center.  My acupuncturist was so helpful and accommodating. She was easy to talk to and very detailed about her observations and methods of treatment. The acupuncture itself was painless and very relaxing. I noticed that I was sleeping better and little aches and pains disappeared within the first few sessions. After about 3 months of acupuncture, I discovered I was pregnant. I truly believe it was due to acupuncture that I was able to conceive naturally without the discomfort and cost of infertility drugs. ZFC was wonderful to work with and I would recommend them to anyone." - Melissa K., San Diego