Preparing for IVF or Insemination

Modern fertility treatments such as IVF and inseminations provide immeasurable hope to women and couples having difficulty conceiving.  However, despite the high cost of these procedures, success is not a guarantee.  Find out how our clients below used acupuncture to increase their chances of success for their IVF or insemination.

San Diego Fertility acupuncture with IVF success
"I came to Zen Fertility Center looking for hope and help in starting a family, and they’ve given me just that. Heidi was there for me when I was in tears and hanging on to my last positive threads of hope. It was so nice to have that support and know that I was doing something good for my body and soul. Eric and Julie have also been wonderful and with me every step of the way to ensure my IVF went well. Thanks for all the knowledge and hope you’ve given me over this journey!! Will send baby photos in less than 9 months"
- Stefanie H., San Diego, CA

san diego fertility acupuncture success with ivf
"I saw numerous studies that showed that acupuncture had been used successfully with IVF to combat infertility, so I decided to give it a shot. I've had a very positive experience with Heidi and have been really impressed with how she customizes each weekly appointment based on what's going on in my life. I started seeing her in March, underwent IVF in April, and am happy to say that I'm now well into my second trimester of pregnancy. I continued to get treatments from Heidi during the first trimester of my pregnancy to help prevent miscarriage and now to help with development and delivery preparation. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, professional, dedicated and personable acupuncturist, I highly recommend her." - Katie S., San Diego, CA
San Diego Fertility acupuncture success after 6 failed inseminations   
"Our struggle with infertility has ended and it was all thanks to everyone at Zen Fertility Center.  After 6 failed IUI’s we decided to try IVF. After reading about the benefits of acupuncture, I decided to also begin treatment. Before acupuncture the most I ever produced was 1-3 follicles. The last IUI was more successful with 8 follicles; however, this last cycle was also accompanied by excruciating ovary pain caused by over stimulation and of course a negative pregnancy test. So I began seeing Heidi and the results were astonishing. Side effects diminished, my stress levels also lowered. Instead of increasing the dose of my medications like before, they were lowered dramatically, and the most incredible result of all, I produced 16 follicles! Both my retrieval and transfer were successful and I am now expecting my first child. There are no words to describe how grateful I am not only for the positive experience and results, but also for always being accommodating with scheduling appointments and for always answering all my questions, and for truly paying attention to my special needs. I look forward to continuing treatment throughout my pregnancy and after delivery to do what is needed to have a natural pregnancy and childbirth!"
Luz B., San Diego, CA
San Diego Fertility Acupuncture success with insemination x 3! 
"I want to thank you for your involvement in my having not one - but three - awesome babies and easing the pain during my journey. I know that acupuncture worked wonders in getting my body prepared to accept the hormone therapy and carry three babies to 34.5 weeks gestation - quite a feat for triplets and my petite size.  I was in a unique situation where I was able to experience first hand the benefits of acupuncture. I was pregnant twice with IUI (intrauterine insemination). The first pregnancy ended at 18 weeks, and I didn't have acupuncture. The second, with acupuncture, I delivered three healthy triplets!! How I felt with and without acupuncture was like night and day! I was so sick on the hormones with my first pregnancy, and couldn't really function. I thought it was just the way it had to be. With my second pregnancy and months of acupuncture to prepare my body, hormone therapy was a mere inconvenience, but I was able to continue to work and be myself. Best of all, in preparation for the pregnancy, you were able to get my periods to become 'uneventful' monthly events and not a series of painful days in my month.  Now I am back on the table to heal my body from the trauma of carrying and caring for the triplets --- finding balance in the body never ends!!!  Thanks again!" - S. C., San Diego, CA
San Diego Fertlity Acupuncture Success with ivf   
"Words just can't describe my appreciation and gratitude for Zen Fertility Center!
After four years of trying to conceive and learning that my fallopian tubes were blocked, we moved to IVF right away. Our first transfer resulted in a miscarriage, second transfer in a negative pregnancy test and our third transfer ended being the one that worked. We were blessed with a beautiful baby boy on November 11, 2010. I truly believe that the success of the third transfer was due to preparing my body months before the transfer with acupuncture. I also participated in acupuncture twice a week after the transfer for several months along with weekly visits after we felt comfortable that everything was going well with the pregnancy.
I can't thank my acupuncturist enough for all of her support during a very trying time. She was my cheerleader throughout the whole process. Every acupuncture session was started with a big greeting. She always wanted to know how I was feeling and if anything had changed since our last session. I looked forward to my acupuncture sessions because she made me feel at ease and she was there to listen to my concerns as we were embarking on the biggest emotional roller coaster ride of our lives. It was the hour of my week where I felt hope for us becoming parents. At times, while going through the IVF process, you feel as if your friends and family don't understand what you are going through but Heidi and the group at Zen Fertility Center do understand.
Please keep up all the hard work and research you do for those of us that aren't able to conceive naturally." - Lora Kirschner, San Diego, CA