PCOS is one of the most common causes of infertility.  Starting treatment early with acupuncture can help you get pregnant without the use of medications or more invasive and expensive fertility treatments.  See what our clients thought about Zen Fertility Center's natural approach. 

"After trying to get pregnant for two years, I went to three different fertility doctors who diagnosed me polycystic ovaries, and concluded that becoming pregnant on my own wouldn’t be possible. I decided to try acupuncture before going through an infertility treatment with medications and hormones. After three months of weekly treatments with Zen Fertility Center and after following his guidance on using herbs and changing my diet and lifestyle, I got pregnant. I am in my 6th month currently and expecting a baby girl in August 2009. From the beginning my pregnancy started easy – no morning sickness, no dizziness, no back pain, graduate weight gain, etc. Some people say I am lucky; I tell them it is all thanks to my acupuncture treatments that prepared my body and soul for this wonderful experience." - Teodora P., San Diego


San Diego fertility acupuncture success with PCOS
"After the birth of our first daughter I discovered I had Poly Cystic Ovaries along with an underactive Thyroid (Hypothyroiditis) which wasn't helping in our dreams to expand our family. After two years of trying on our own, we turned to an infertility doctor which unfortunately led to four unsuccessful IUI (Inter Uterine Insemination) procedures and one miscarriage. After two years with the infertility doctor I decided to give up and cleanse my body of all the hormones and meds that were given to me.
My sister-in-law had mentioned that she had used an acupuncturist in the Bay Area to aid her in her quest to conceive and low and behold, she was pregnant within the first three months of acupuncture sessions. I didn't believe it could happen to me but I thought, 'What do I have to lose by trying?' Really, at this point, my goal was to use acupuncture to get my body to relax and relieve me of all the stress from the infertility treatments. I found Zen Fertility Center via the web and saw that they specialized in infertility and decided to give them a try. My spirit was defeated from all the previous unsuccessful treatments with the doctor so I did let them know from the beginning that I was skeptical and even though my heart was wishing acupuncture would work, I voiced that I was really looking for acupuncture to help me feel better.
I asked my acupuncturist what was the average time in which acupuncture would result in a pregnancy. She said there were no guarantees, but that she had seen it work in some as little as five months. I was so skeptical of acupuncture working for me that I booked a Disney Cruise for my family five months from the date of my first visit to Zen Fertility Center and I kidded by telling her, 'In five months I'm treating my family to a cruise with the money we would have used for infertility treatments so I cannot get pregnant.' Within five months of herbal pills and sessions, I not only felt more calm and healthy, I became pregnant. When I came in for my next session after finding out I was pregnant I told my acupuncturist and she laughed because she remembered that I told her that I didn't want to get pregnant before the cruise. I was 14 weeks pregnant when we took our cruise. Iliana was born in July 2007 and we have Zen Fertility Center to thank! I LOVE ZEN FERTILITY CENTER!" - May Vukotich, San Diego, CA