The heartbreak of having a miscarriage is compounded time and again when a woman suffers the loss repeatedly.  Find out how our patients overcame their fear and anxiety of having yet another miscarriage with acupuncture.

Watch how Zen Fertility Center (formerly Chang Acupuncture) helped Valerie Moore have a healthy baby after a history of recurrent miscarriages.

San Diego Fertility Acupuncture Success after 4 miscarriages
"After 4 miscarriages and 2 failed IVF attempts over the past 3 years, I decided to try acupuncture to get pregnant. After 3 1/2 months of acupuncture with Zen Fertility Center, I finally got pregnant. I offer you my warmest thanks for the care, understanding, and ultimate success you gave me. You have added immeasurably to our family, and to our happiness; there aren't words for my gratitude." - Martha Clay, San Diego
"I came to Zen Fertilitiy Centerwith a history of recurrent pregnancy losses, one at an early gestational age and another one ended with still birth at 32 weeks of gestation. And for unknown causes I had 4 years of secondary infertility after the pregnancy losses. Numerous OBGYN doctors kept telling me that everything was fine, however, no pregnancy in sight... After one month at Zen Fertility Center, I got pregnant. However, it wasn't time to celebrate yet since I started bleeding at 7 weeks of gestation and my OB-GYN told me that nothing could be done at this gestational stage and I have to wait and that bleeding might stop on its own. Being stressed and desperate to get the help, I didn't want to wait and was so scared to miscarry again, I called Zen Fertility Center again. I received intensive therapy for 10 days which included special Chinese herbal tea, acupuncture treatment and heat massaging. And all that led to strengthening my body and thus keeping my pregnancy going and as a result of all these efforts, 9 months later, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl." - O.O., San Diego, CA


Fertility Acupuncture Success after 3 miscarriages
"In March 2006 I was diagnosed with a complete molar pregnancy, then subsequently had I experienced 3 additional miscarriages. After seeking the care of many physicians and undergoing a great deal of testing and visits to a fertility specialist I was told that there was nothing wrong with me and that I should be able to carry a baby without a problem. Wondering what then, to make of the habitual miscarriages, I began to do research on alternative therapies.
I came across acupuncture as an option for treating problems with pregnancies. I interviewed many acupuncturists, but it was not until speaking with Zen Fertility Clinic that I was confident there was something that an acupuncturist could do for me. I began acupuncture treatments, herbs in the form of pills, nutrition shakes and a modified diet three months before becoming pregnant with our daughter.
I began to experience spotting at approximately 6 weeks, which I feared was the end of this pregnancy, since this was the typical time frame in which the miscarriages occurred. I called Zen Fertility Center, panicked, and was told to come in for acupuncture treatments to get it under control. I went frequently and was prescribed additional herbal tea to drink until I was 24 weeks pregnant. It was with their dedication to helping my baby thrive that I carried her full term.
They were there for me to answer questions and concerns at almost any time of day and were determined to help to bring our baby into this world. Our beautiful baby girl is indeed a miracle! She was expected to arrive December 24, 2007 and the acupuncture worked so well she did not arrive until January 1, 2008 at 9:06am. We were so ecstatic to finally meet our beautiful miracle face to face.
Words cannot begin to explain the gratitude my husband and I have for these two amazing people. They are truly angels God sent to help us during our time of need. Thank-you both very much!" - Amy Cabrera, San Diego, CA

Fertility Acupuncture Success after 5 miscarriages
"My experience for the last three years trying to conceive my second child has been a very long path. My husband and I had a very easy experience with conceiving my son who will be 5 in July 2011. We thought nothing of it when we were ready to try again. You always hear about people having issues but of course you never think it can happen to you.  
My husband and I experienced 5 miscarriages in a row for the past 21/2 years. I went to my OBGYN and they did tests but came up with no answers and told me to keep trying that the statistics of a woman already giving birth to a child is in their favor. That is very emotional to keep losing a child after a childjust based on a hope. We were referred to an infertility Dr. who also did some tests and also came up with no answers except to tell me to keep trying that it will soon happen for us.  
My husband and I watched on T.V a morning news show and they were talking about infertility. Of course we were tuned to hear what they had to say. Dr. Julie Chang was talking and explaining what she and her staff can provide to people who are experiencing this. I was so excited to find out more. I gave them a call and talked to Julie for a long time. She made me feel so comfortable and set up time with my acupuncturist to have a consultation for my husband and me.  I knew when I met my acupuncturist that I had found my answer. She listened and then she told us the game plan for our situation. I was so happy to hear that we had someone with a plan and not to tell us to keep trying. At first my husband was like “whatever makes you happy, we will try this” but not convinced that little needles can help our situation. We became pregnant! We were so excited but nervous all at the same time. We did think that we were having a little scare in the beginning but Julie kicked it up a notch and told me what I needed to do to help with this pregnancy.
I am happy to say we are in the last trimester and expecting a little girl in March. I believe in what Zen Fertility Center has to offer. We have been blessed with a second miracle in our life.Thank you all for you kindness and well wishes for us and wish nothing but the best for all the people who want to be blessed with a little miracle themselves." - H.C., San Diego, CA