Getting pregnant naturally is something we just expect to happen.  Unfortunately, for various reasons, some women will hit a stumbling block and can't seem to get anywhere on their own.  Or you might be someone taking a proactive approach to ensure that you do everything possible to maximize your chances naturally as you are trying to get pregnant.  See how some of our clients used acupuncture to get pregnant naturally without any additional help.

"I went to Zen Fertility Center when I had been trying to get pregnant for 10 months. I wanted to try all means to get pregnant naturally before exploring western methods. A friend of mine had tried acupuncture for infertility with success so I thought I would give it a try.
I went twice a month for acupuncture and also took Chinese herbs. At the end of the second month I was pregnant! I continued to get acupuncture during my first trimester to prevent miscarraige and to help prevent nausea and vomiting.
I am now 38 weeks pregnant and am again going for acupuncture to help prepare my uterus and cervix for labor as I have heard that it helps you to have a shorter labor.
I would definitely recommend Chinese medicine to anyone having difficulty conceiving. Julie specializes in infertility and gives excellent advice. " - Dr. F. C., MD, San Diego, CA
San Diego fertility acupuncture success while trying to conceive naturally
"I just wanted to thank you once again for making acupuncture such a wonderful experience for me. I am soooooo excited about finally being able to conceive. I'm pregnant!!! I look forward to our visits because I have a lot of faith in what you do. Even more so now I am a strong believer in acupuncture and natural medicine. You are truly amazing and I love the positive energy that I feel during my visits. I should have been screaming with joy when I told you yesterday, but I still couldn't believe it! I was so excited to tell you first, well.... I actually whispered it to your receptionist before I saw you because I couldn't contain myself! Thank you!! Thank you!! See you next week!" - Kriscinda, San Diego, CA
Fertility Acupuncture Success after Years of No Success
"After several years of trying different traditional methods to get pregnant, I was a little discouraged with no diagnosis from doctors and decided to seek Acupuncture treatment as an alternative. I started seeing Julie and taking herbs to get my cycle regulated. To my surprise after four and half months I was pregnant. Acupuncture is painless (for the most part) and a lot less stressful than some of the conventional methods of using medications and having multiple ultrasounds. Julie was easy to talk to about all my symptoms and very supportive. I am grateful for Julie's help!" - Gail W, San Diego, CA


Fertility Acupuncture Success with Natural Conception
I went to Zen Fertility Center in search for a natural way to help my body conceive a healthy baby. I was also experiencing a variety of different issues that I wanted to take care of before becoming pregnant. Since my first meeting with Heidi, I knew I was in good hands. I looked forward to my weekly meetings with her. She suggested I changed my diet and take some supplements. I followed her orders and a month later we were expecting our first child.
I continued to see Heidi throughout my pregnancy, and she helped me with back pain, nausea, and getting my body ready for delivery. I could not have gotten through it all without her! Heidi was so knowledgeable and encouraging. I not only became pregnant after only one month of acupuncture, but I also experienced a better quality of life. I will forever be thankful for everything Heidi helped me through." - Cristina B, San Diego, CA