Unexplained infertility

Unexplained infertility is arguably one of the most frustrating diagnoses you can get when struggling to conceive. All your tests look fine but you’re still not getting pregnant. What can possibly be going on? From a Chinese Medical perspective, a diagnosis of “Unexplained Infertility” can actually be encouraging because it indicates that there is nothing structurally wrong e.g. blocked fallopian tubes, uterine abnormalities, fibroids, etc. to prohibit conception. Instead it indicates a functional disorder where your organs are performing just below the detectable range where it doesn’t show on traditional tests such as a blood workup, ultrasound, or hysterosalpingogram (HSG) but enough to prevent pregnancy.

Your organs specifically your brain, ovaries, uterus, testes don’t have an “on-off” switch where it either works or doesn’t work. Instead they function on a dynamic spectrum where these organs can do its basic job of regulating hormones so that you have a menstrual cycle or produce sperm. However, these organs may not be functioning at an optimal level to allow for conception.

Take your vision as an example. People who have 20/20 vision have eyes that are working at close to peak performance. In comparison, people who need glasses to correct their vision have eyes that work well enough so they aren’t considered blind (i.e. complete dysfunction of the eyes) but not well enough that they need a corrective measure such as glasses and contacts. The severity of a person’s near sightedness or far sightedness gives an indication of how far off the eyes are from optimal performance.

Likewise, in the case of “unexplained infertility”, the ovaries or testes may work well enough that you or the fertility tests don’t detect anything abnormal, but not well enough to allow for pregnancy. Acupuncture is instrumental in helping to bring your body back to balance by optimizing the performance of your reproductive organs along with the rest of your body so that you can conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Success Stories

"After several years of trying different traditional methods to get pregnant, I was a little discouraged with no diagnosis from doctors and decided to seek Acupuncture treatment as an alternative. I started acupuncture at Zen Fertility Center and taking herbs to get my cycle regulated. To my surprise after four and half months I was pregnant. Acupuncture is painless  and a lot less stressful than some of the conventional methods of using medications and having multiple ultrasounds.  I am grateful for Zen Fertility Center's help!" Gail W, San Diego, CA

Recommendations to Prepare You for Your Pregnancy:

  1. Reduce your stress with conscious deep abdominal breathing throughout the day.
  2. Practice positive affirmations to change your negative thought patterns about your body or your fertility. An example is: “My reproductive organs work in perfect harmony with my body to allow an easy conception.”
  3. Deepen your relationship with your significant other by spending quality time together.  The pressures of trying to get pregnant each month can strain your connection with each other.  Find ways to reconnect so that love making is more than just about getting pregnant.
  4. Eat healthier, less processed foods that are nutrient dense without added sugars and chemicals (i.e. preservatives, food coloring, etc.).
  5. If planning to start acupuncture, begin charting your BBT to help your acupuncturist determine if hormonal imbalances are a factor.
  6. Call us today to start acupuncture.

Zen Fertility Center works closely with Fertility Specialists Medical Group to improve success rates of IVF and inseminations.  In this video, Dr. Wendy Shelly talks about what unexplained infertility is and medical treatments available to address this issue.