You've probably heard about how acupuncture helps fertility.  But you're not sure what to expect.  At Zen Fertility Center, our process is very straightforward.

How Fertility Acupuncture Works - Step 1

Although this first step is the simplest, it might be the hardest because it requires a leap of faith.  Rest assured, ZFC is dedicated to helping you conceive.   We can provide you with the support you need to navigate your fertility journey more successfully.  If you are committed to optimizing your whole health in preparation for pregnancy and willing to make the necessary nutritional and lifestyle changes, call today to schedule your initial consult and treatment. 


How Fertility Acupuncture Works - Step 2

Before your first appointment, you must complete our new patient forms. The information provided will allow us to assist you properly. These forms can be filled online or manually.  They should be completed and brought to your first visit.  They can also be emailed to Info(a) or faxed to (858) 630-2923 prior to your appointment. 

Click here to download your New Patient Forms. 

If available, please also bring the following information to your first visit:

  • all semen analyses
  • thyroid tests
  • progesterone levels
  • FSH levels
  • AMH levels


How Fertility Acupuncture Works - Step 3

For a couple seeking natural fertility treatment alone or in conjunction with medical treatments, getting to the root of the problem is critical to subsequent success.  Because Chinese Medicine views the body as an integrated system, we view fertility issues from a holistic standpoint.  Thus the consultation will delve into your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and how they are affecting your fertility.  Only after the consultation can a treatment plan be formed.


How Fertility Acupuncture Works - Step 4

In order to give yourself the best chance at pregnancy success, you must plan a strategy. ZFC will help you establish the underlying causes that are preventing conception and begin treatment to realize your goals.

Have you ever tried a new recipe?  You jot down the ingredients you need, shop for them, gather the ingredients, measure, wash, chop, prep, and cook according to the recipe directions.  Without following that strategic plan, it takes you much longer to get your end product and the results may not even be what you hoped for. 

A healthy child is the end goal of your baby “recipe”.  Everything has to be in place to ensure the optimal results.  Is acupuncture your missing "secret sauce"?  To find out, call us today.