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Are you losing time because you don't know how your fertility works? 

Do you understand how to get pregnant in your mid-30s and 40s?  You know it's different than the seemingly indestructible 20s.  But do you know how to shift your body's fertility potential to improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally or with medicated cycles like IVF? Wouldn't your strategy and tactics be vastly different, if you understood how inflammation, oxidative stress, mitochondria, and microbiome imbalance age your eggs prematurely?

If you don't understand the simplicity and predictability of your eggs, your fertility will continue to plummet uncontrollably, gaining speed with every month you wait.  And you know it!  Here's your opportunity to learn what makes your eggs tick.  And, poor egg quality is not based on your birthday.  Egg quality is a reflection of how old your body THINKS it is.  The information I share is like putting a brake on your fertility - slowing it down enough so that you can get pregnant and stay pregnant with a healthy child.  

Is this you?

If you're at a loss and frustrated because of any of the situations below, you're not alone...

  • you've trying to get pregnant with no success for years

  • devastated by your doctor's news that it's too late to have your own biological child

  • in your mid-30s or 40s

  • had repeated failed IVF cycles

  • suffered through recurrent miscarriages

  • poor egg quality

  • low ovarian reserve

  • high FSH

  • low AMH

  • unexplained infertility

  • endometriosis

  • PCOS

  • male factor infertility

Help to get you pregnant is available

Since 1999, I've been helping women just like you get pregnant naturally or with IVF.

In fact, WOMEN IN THEIR 40s ARE GETTING PREGNANT naturally or with IVF with my help.

Christina C., pregnant at 42yo, said this: "After 3 failed IUI's and 3 IVF procedures, my husband and I were devastated! Something inside of me believed that we could conceive naturally. After 8 months of focus with Julie on getting healthy, we were able to conceive naturally at 42 yr. old. I would recommend Julie to anyone!"

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, to be honest, the changes are simple but not easy unless you're willing to put the work in.

But the first step IS easy...

How to get help ASAP!

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Wishing you all the best on your fertility journey,
Julie Chang, Natural Fertility Eggspurt (that's me to the right)