The appeal of boy toys explained...

The appeal of boy toys used to puzzle me.  

I mean, why would people as accomplished and worldly as Madonna, J Lo, and Britney Spears hang out with guys who are almost young enough to be their sons?  

Ok, aside from the fact that they're hot and ripped.

But why wouldn't they find someone closer to their age who's just as nummy looking?  Wouldn't their connection be more meaningful?  Their conversations more intellectually stimulating?

Screw that!

Now, as a divorcee with 2 kids, I GET IT.

  1. As we age, the pool of single men becomes inversely proportional - it shrinks fast.  Then when you throw in the desires for fitness, emotional maturity, and spiritual evolvement, that pool has become the oasis mirage in a desert.  It flickers in and out of sight but the chances of it actually materializing are quite slim.
  2. I can say this for myself and my friends so it's probably a fair generalization.  Now that we've had our kids and husbands, women who have solid self-esteem and careers aren't looking for "the one" in each person we meet.  We don't need a father to our children.  Been there, done that.  We are just looking for someone we have chemistry and enjoy being with.  Due to #1, we tend to live more in the moment with these men.  It doesn't matter if they don't check all the boxes that we used to have.
  3. As we get older, our hormone levels change.  Starting in our 40s (different for every woman), our hormones subtly shift in such a way that we no longer bond through sex as we did when we were younger.  Older women can stay detached when sexually intimate.  Sex no longer equates to love or emotional connection.  That's why we can do #2 i.e. have non-committed relationships.

However, these hormonal changes can lower fertility and decrease egg quality.  It's a prelude to your entry into pre-menopause.

But can that be slowed down and dare I say, reversed?  

A resounding "Oh yeah" on that!  

If you wanna know how I address this natural hormonal change, fill out this application to let me know you're interested in my group coaching launching later this month.

Details coming later this week.

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